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As we navigate through the pandemic, company administrators require immediate access to accurate, reliable, and easy to use data to make informed health and safety decisions.

@Health is a digital assistant that will reduce your burden of keeping your company and staff safe.

  • Mobile application designed for both company and staff, with a secure web platform for generating reports and analytics for administrators.
  • Productivity tool that will let you efficiently address demands and let you get back to your core mission of working with staff and clients.
  • Trusted, transparent verifiable source of information to assure the parents that you are keeping the staff safe.

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Independently Verifiable Data

  • Assure company and staff by providing visibility into your management activities.
  • Build trust by providing independent, transparent and verifiable data.

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You Own Your Data

  • You control your data and privacy
  • We will never sell your data
  • No advertising of any kind
  • Secure, scalable architecture, extensible platform compliant with CDC guidelines, HIPPA, FERPA and NIST standards (NISTIR 7743)

@Health Features

  • Voluntary reporting of symptoms and temperature.

  • Document vaccination status.

  • Monitor your post-recovery symptoms in a confidential manner.

  • Manage cleanliness and hygiene in the company setting.

  • Real-time reporting of emergencies.

  • Report company safety incidents.

  • Document and report test results.

  • Administer the quarantine status of staff.

  • Instantaneously track and trace vulnerable individuals

  • Keep track of your PPE inventory.

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