1000 Schools Initiative

Knowledge Bridge Consulting Inc. is proud to announce the 1000 Schools initiative with the free distribution of our flagship product @School to one thousand schools facing the crisis across the world.

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@School for Schools

Schools are integral societal institutions that serve millions of youth around the world, providing crucial services to children, families, and local communities.

Prolonged school closures have adversely affected children’s academic, physical, and psychological wellbeing. The pressure has also extended to the home, with the absence of school-provided childcare increasing working parents’ struggle to balance their personal and professional lives.

We must act swiftly to restore the role of schools in uplifting and empowering our communities, while providing schools with the necessary infrastructure to protect our students in the midst of a growing pandemic.


Capabilities of @School

As the vaccine is rolled out from New York to London, students are gradually returning to their classes after months of online instruction, and in some cases, no instruction. The influx of students to manage in-person has left administrators struggling to cope with the additional burden of safely operating the schools, from checking temperatures, enforcing social distancing, managing capacity, and prioritizing vulnerable students.


Many experts believe that it is unlikely that schools around the world will return to the same world as before pandemic. To address current and future pandemics, each school must be equipped with tools to ensure several core capabilities, including:

  • Monitoring of the physical, academic, and psychological health of both individuals and student-groups in real time
  • Tracking of school resources and facility maintenance in real time
  • Enforcing of social distancing and minimization of unnecessary contact
  • Access to cumulative analytics required to identify at-risk students

The App Features

@School software will assist you in all the above and much more.

  • Testing

    Fill your activities to assess risk level

  • Cleaning & Hygiene

    Manage your cleanliness and hygiene status at your place

  • Post Symptom Tracking

    Your post symptom records will identify clusters of infection

  • Quarantine Administration

    Provide your current quarantine details

Cleaning & Hygiene
  • Tracing & Tracking

    Contact tracing feature will help prevent Coronavirus resurgence

  • PPE Inventory

    Manage your PPE kits at your school or campus

  • Symptom Screening

    Fill your activities to assess risk level

  • Vaccination Records

    Your immunization records will help health workers to identify violators


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Get Involved in the 1000 School Initiative:
If you would like to serve on the 1000 Schools Board of Advisors,
please reach out to 1000Schools@kbcinc.cloud.
Advisors will assist in evaluating eligibility and reviewing applications.

  • Available on Apple
  • Available on Android

Free Software Eligibility Criteria:

(1) Student population composed of at least 25% underprivileged or at-risk students
(2) Up to 250 students per school are covered for free under this program

To receive an application, write to us at 1000Schools@kbcinc.cloud.
Please include your school name, website (if applicable), and contact information.

Direct Purchase:

Reach us out at sales@kbcinc.cloud
  • Review product videos, evaluate the software in a demo environment.
  • Once you decide to move forward, onboarding your school can be completed within a couple of hours.
  • Download the app from the Apple or Google Play store
  • Use your coupon to register; you can also sign up online and self-register on our web application

At KBC Inc, we are deeply committed to assisting educational institutions in serving both children and the broader communities that rely on them.

If you believe that your institution qualifies for this program,
please contact us at 1000Schools@kbcinc.cloud.

Need further assistance?
Reach us out at : 1000Schools@kbcinc.cloud

@School platform

The @School platform is an AI-enabled, robust, and seamless technology designed to aid institutions in improving the safety and wellbeing of their students and staff, and is a great productivity tool that can ease the administrative burden by automating tasks.

Important Note:
We are only stewards of your data: you always own your data, and set your own privacy rules.
We do not share or sell data.

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